Cooker and Oven

Make sure the cooker is turned on at the switch on the wall behind (left hand side)


  1. Press the lock button for one second until is goes off
  2. Press the on/off switch (I) for one second.  A beep sounds and all 4 hob buttons are shown.
  3. NOTE:  The ring will only heat up when a pan is placed on it
  4. Press the hob button you are using and adjust the heat setting up or down using the arrow keys, 9 is hottest, simmer around 3. (P is power boost - hotter than 9)
  5. To adjust during the cooking, press the hob button you want to adjust and then use the up and down arrow keys.
  6. To switch off press the hob button you want to turn off and press the down arrow until the setting is 0.  The hob will show H indicating that the hob is still hot
  7. If a pan is removed for a short time a U will be shown (the hob will not be heating up at this time).  The hob will return to the original setting when the pan is replaced.



  1. The left hand knob indicates the mode of operation.  The right hand knob sets the temperature;
  2. Modes: 
  • Fan assisted
  • Top and Bottom heat - normal oven
  • Bottom heat only
  • Fan grill
  • Full grill
  • R - Rapid preheat
  1. Set the temperature, select the mode.  During heating the temperature indicator light will remain on until the desired temperature is reached.
  2. After use turn off both knobs


Cooker Hood

  • The control panel is located by opening the front panel (just pull gently) and looking at the right hand side.
  • Slider 1: Lighting - 0=off; 1=on
  • Slider 2: Fan - 1=off; 2=low speed; 3=medium speed; 4=high speed
  • When finished (recommended 10 minutes after finishing cooking) set sliders to off and close the hood


There is an additional extractor fan in the kitchen which can be switched on at the switch on the wall beneath the fan