Heating And Hot Water

The electric boiler provides heat to the water that is pumped around the radiators.

The water heater operates independently to the boiler and provides a full tank of domestic hot water (enough for more than 4 showers) by off-peak electricity.  Should this hot water store be fully used a "Boost" element is fitted to provide a smaller quantity of water in a shorter time. 


This can be used at any time.  The door facing you at the top of the steps into the en-suite bathroom houses the boiler.  To use the Boost" element just press the button marked "+1 hour HOT WATER".  The green light above the switch will indicate that the water is now heating up (this will take about 30 minutes and is enough water for one shower).


No heating or hot water

Check the boiler (The door facing you at the top of the steps into the en-suite bathroom houses the boiler.) If the red alarm light is flashing call either the owner or the emergency plumber.  If the red light is not flashing then either the heating has reached the temperature set (see below) or in the case of the water, all the tank has been used (see Boost above)

Setting the temperature

The temperature is programmed on a  thermostat (temperature set back) unit, located in the dining room next to the light switch.

The heating is set as shown below.

You can raise or lower the temperature to a level which suits you by rotating the outer ring on the Nest thermostat.  This will change the temperature only until the next heating time period when the heating will revert as below.  To change the pre-set temperature, the  ring will need rotating in each time period.

Time Periods

The time periods are:

  7.30 am - 10.00 am               21 degrees

10.00 am -   4.30 pm               15 degrees

  4.30 pm - 11.00 pm              21 degrees

11.00 pm -   7.30 am               15 degrees

There are thermostats on all the radiators.  These are set to give a balance of different temperatures in different rooms.  To increase the temperature in any room (more than the other rooms) increase the setting (5 highest).  (But note, when the temperature set on the thermostat is reached in the library / dining room the temperature has achieved it's maximum).  We recommend setting all room thermostats to "3" and then changing them individually

(NOTE - Setting them all to 5 WILL NOT make the house hotter.  If you want it hotter overall, increase the temperature on the Nest thermostat in the dining room.)