Smoke Alarm

The smoke alarms are located in the kitchen, living room and on the landing.  If the smoke alarm sounds, evacuate the building and then find the source of the smoke. 

The alarm in the kitchen can be triggered by normal cooking.  To eliminate the problem, use both extractor fans, one is located in the hood over the cooker (open the hood and turn the fan on (if it does not come on automatically).  The other fan is switched on the right hand wall above the sink.

In normal operation the alarm should have a constant green light and a red light flash every 40 seconds.  To test that the alarm is working press the button for 10 seconds.

If the alarm goes off in error (toast or similar), the alarm can be silenced by pressing the Test button.  This will give the alarm a reduced sensitivity for a 10 minute period. (The red light will flash every 10 seconds).

NOTE - You may need to also open the kitchen window when cooking bacon!