• The stove is a combined wood burner / smokeless fuel burner.  We have provided you with fire-lighters and fuel for your first fire.  (Coal in drop down coal-scuttle at the right hand side of the fire)
  • The air vent at the top should be opened (pushed to the left) to draw the fire initially
  • The circular vent at the bottom of the door can be adjusted to make the fire burn faster or slower. BEWARE THIS IS HOT do not touch, use the tool provided or the glove found in the log basket.
  • To add more fuel, open the door using the small tool or glove provided to pull open the handle.
  • Add fuel
  • Closed the door using the tool or glove provided.
  • To clean the fire for the next day, remove all the ashes and put these into the galvanised bucket (round the corner in the yard).
  • After 24 hours you can put the ashes into a plastic bag and tie it and then put in the domestic bin but please not before.
  • Wood for the fire (and kindling) can be purchased from the garage in the village (on the road to Aysgarth, just over the bridge on the right hand side), or from shops in Hawes or Leyburn.
  • Coal and be purchased from the local coal merchant:  James Peacock Tel: 01969 650 465

Fire Guard:  Under normal operation a fire guard is unnecessary BUT the stove will get very hot so for the protection of children, there is a fire guard in the cupboard under the stairs if desired.

How to light the wood burning stove.

 We want people to enjoy the wood burning stove but we have been advised that some people are unsure how to light it.  I have put these instructions together, I hope they help.

Make sure the stove is clear of ash – there is an ash bucket by the dust bin outside

  1. If you have some newspaper put a couple of sheets into the grate and add some kindling sticks – about half a dozen will do.
  2. Add a fire lighter
  3. Add a log
  4. Light the paper or fire lighter
  5. Close the door and open the air vent (top and bottom or just one)

Bottom Air Vent:  There is an air vent on the bottom just under the glass door this will give draft from the bottom of the fire.

Top Air Vent:  There is also another air vent just above the door.  If you want to open this push the little handle towards the front door.  To close just push back.  This will push air in from the top of the fire.

Having the air vents open will make the fire burn more quickly but at least one needs to be open when starting the fire.  Once the fire has started you can close them.  If you close them completely the fire will dampen down, by opening either the top or bottom giving more air the fire will burn more brightly.

The fire will need to be cleaned out every day otherwise it will not function properly.

Once the embers are cool, you can remove then and empty the ash pan which is under the main grate.  When the door is open the ash pan is visible.

Empty the ash into the galvanised bucket by the dustbin, once the ash is completely cool put them into a plastic bag, tie the bag and put it in the main dustbin.  Please do not put any HOT ash into the main dustbin as this is a fire hazard. 

Have fun!