Washer / Dryer

Make sure the washer dryer is switched on on the switch on the wall next to cooker socket.

  1. Open the door and load evenly.
  2. Close the door by pressing against the frame (a click is heard).
  3. Add detergents and additives to the tray (One mark = prewash, 2 marks is main wash, Flower is fabric conditioner. If using liquid detergent the main wash compartment has a tongue which should be pulled forwards and then lowered)
  4. Turn the programme knobs in either direction - this switches on the washer dryer
  5. Select the wash programme.  The time left on the programme and the maximum recommended weight alternate on the display.

Buttons numbered left to right:

BUTTON 1.  The default spin feed values are shown.  The initial settings can be changed using the button underneath the sequence of spin feeds.

BUTTON 2.  Select the desired option.  From the top going down:

  • Prewash
  • Intensive
  • Easy Iron
  • Extra Rince
  • Flexi Time
  • Buzzer (to notify the end of the cycle - set to on by default)

BUTTON 3.  Confirm the selection by pressing the "confirm" button

BUTTON 6.  Press to start / stop

  1. The display shows the time remaining on the wash. When the wash has ended "END" is displayed
  2. Turn the programme knob to OFF
  3. Unload & if possible leave the door open a while for the interior to dry out.


  1. Turn the knob to either gentle or intensive and the display will flash the weight and time. 
  2. You can reduce the time period by pressing the drying time button
  3. Press the start button
  4. When the drying time has ended a bleep will sound and end is displayed.